Friday, October 22, 2010

sharing is loving caring in reading..hihi

okeh nak cite nyer di sini aku telah menghabis kan leisure time aku dengan aktiviti yang bermanfaat lagi berilmu iaitu membaca buku....
so cari cari punya cari buku buku yang berkenan di hati..
tetiba aku rasa nak baca buku nih la.
sies sangat besh, english yang simple
cover buku yang sangat menarik
satu pages satu ayat jer..
lagi beshh...pemalas..hihi

there is only one happiness in life - to love and to be love
- George Sand -

you're my favorite person in the world - no one else even come close
I love everything bout you :
ur addicted in computer....

ur smile that lights up my life.

I dun't know how u do it
what u do to me
I know only that I love
how you do it!

The way you tell me a joke...

gadoh gadoh....

spoil me rotten...

You bring music, melody, and meaning to my life
and you make every day o wonderful surprise.

ur strength carries me through the hard times,
and juz when my world needs a touch of colour,
ur love add a bright new rainbow.

with you I am safe to be my self,
bcoz you love every part of me

my goofy side...
my adventurous side..
my prickly side...
my whiny side..
my vulnerable side..
and my sentimental side.

on days when i feel less than attractive,
ur love makes me feel beautiful.

and on days when i am on top of the world,
you are right there with me to celebrate.

Life is not always sunshine and roses.
But when me hit the rough spots,
I know we can see them through together
Conflict makes us stronger
We not always agree, but we listen and try to understand each other..
bear n forgive each other..
believe the best of each other
We are team and we are strong
its always better sharing with you.

You care for me like no one else does
and always remember the little and big things:
my birthday
the day we first meet

you are like hamemade waffle on a snowy day....
like the sun breaking through the clouds..

there's no other place
i'd rather be than with you

your love gives me a hope
and you are my dream come true
you are my one and only true love
I will always cherish the gift
God gave me when He give me YOU!

~dedicated to my en bb~

p/s; haishh cm ne la ak leh terpinjam and terbaca buku macam nih...euuww
but the true ly is i loike.. sgt puitis and romantis okeh...hehe
p/s/s: di sebabkan aku rase cam nak tulis balik ayat2 dlm buku aku ada edit2 la balik..nak di sesuaikan dalam kesa chenta aku la konon..ceh ceh ceh..nyampah kan??kan??..


affizza said...

dah agak dah. kan dah keluar blog. jap lg penuh kt fb! hahaha

norain yusof said...

kamu mmg pandai la cik datt...

p/s: eleh nk pnjm jgk eh buku tuh...
tape2, pas ain datt lak eh...hehehehe

aurox_3d said...

pergh ayat die.....nyaris2 nak buat orang ngalir air mata....huk2...

sorry r awak, sy x paham bahasa inggeris r...awak translate bahasa spanish boleh??? ngeeeeee

every day i love u more and more....huhuu

norain yusof said...

i love u forever n ever...
dats its..!!

Said Saiful Fazli said...

tumpang lalu... cantik blog ek